Mission & Vision


• To develop the leadership required for growth and development with integrity, competence, compassion, credibility and dedication;
• To motivate all the Batangueños to actualize their potentials, to raise their goals, to concretize their hopes, to encourage their efforts and to persevere in their endeavors;
• To harness all the God-given resources of Batangas: an industrious and motivated people, fertile land, rich waters, beautiful shorelines, deep water port areas, friendly climate, and strategic location;
• To provide the required infrastructure: school, hospitals, communications, roads, power, water, etc.
• To attract and encourage private sector participation in local development;
• To strengthen the faith and to nurture the hope of the youth in the future development of the country in general and of Batangas in particular; • To uplift the dignity of the Batangueños by giving a strong sense of self-reliance, being self-sufficient in their basic needs: livelihood, housing, food, clothing, etc.


A community of motivated and self-reliant Filipinos, seeking happiness and fulfillment with pride and dignity; A self-sufficient socio-economic unit providing livelihood, education, health services, food production and other needed infrastructure (roads, power, water, communication, etc.) based on indigenous culture, local customs and traditional values; A model economic development entity, serving also as a seedbed of entrepreneurs and growth conscious citizens, willing to share know-how and spirit, not only with the other parts of the Philippines but also reaching out to other countries, to seek self-development and bring back resources to the country.